Travelling in India again, Rishikesh 2015

On a dark October morning this year as I was milling around Manchester airport at 5am in search of coffee I came across one of those ‘Astronomy Now’ magazines. It was all about Saturn. In Indian astrology Saturn is represented by Shiva. The God of Yoga. How apt. I was lost in the story of […]

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Satya. The Whole Story

To look at the whole story. The WHOLE story. Unedited. No editing’. Louise Ellis. Last time I was in India the statement above really got me thinking. And meditating for a couple of days. We are so very skilled at editing the copy of our lives. We don’t even know we’re doing it most of […]

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Ahimsa- Non Harming…

Ah, the Vegetarian one…. Generally one of the first and most common responses to taking on this practice, to abstain from doing harm, is to become vegetarian. And sadly, all too often that is where the practice of Ahimsa begins and ends. Well if only it were as simple as striking meat off the shopping […]

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Yoga and the Sacred Dance

I was squandering time on Facebook the other day and I came across an article which was basically begging dancers to STOP posting youtube videos of themselves doing choreographed ‘Yoga’ as it’s narcissistic.. Well… Yes… I absolutely get that. And there is a culture of Lululemon clad carb avoiding Stepford Yoginis out there for sure.. […]

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Asteya- non stealing

As I have written before, the nature of the Yamas and Niyamas is circular. That is, you can’t do them step by step, one at a time. It doesn’t work like that. There’s no linear progression. When you meditate on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali the Yamas and Niyamas bleed into one another as they […]

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A little Light Entertainment

A Poem Inspired by Gilbert and Sullivan I am the very model of a modern Yoga therapist, A Yoga Sutra Mantra chanting Urban Liberationist, An Osho shaking meditating integrated activist, I wander through the forests smoking Shiva pipes with cannabis.. I love to self deny I’ve done the Raw Juice and the Master Cleanse, Kriya […]

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Yoga in the Gym

I have been teaching Yoga for 7 years now. And I mainly teach Yoga in gyms. This is by no means a popular choice with Yoga teachers- not at all. There is a feeling that gyms somehow desanctify the tradition of Yoga. That Yoga is a sacred and precious phenomenon which must be penned within […]

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