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Sun Child- The Ritual of Surya Namaskar

I always begin my asana practice with sun salutations. There is a lot of debate surrounding this sequence. Naturally it is an integral part of the primary series of Ashtanga. Otherwise it is often something that is skimmed over or barely tolerated. When I studied in an Indian ashram I was told by an incredible […]

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Tadasana the Temple

One of my very very favourite books is ‘Dancing the Body of Light’ by Dona Holleman. It is worth its weight in gold and if I only was allowed one book on the physical aspects of Yoga it would be hers. In it she gives an exhaustive account of correct stance in ‘tadasana’- mountain pose. […]

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The Heart of Yoga

I was looking for a theme for this page. Something that would sum what I do up…. Something that represents why I think the study of Yoga is so valuable. Actually- essential- for me. Others may find it through music, through work, through their families. I came across the image of the heart and thought […]

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