Links to some wonderful teachers, retreats and so on…

Ashtanga Teachers and Centres

Louise Ellis Look out for Louise, she is one of the premier Ashtanga teachers and I was lucky enough to study with her for a month in Rishikesh and am looking forward to the next month in the near future. She has a warm approach and a gentle manner and she travels worldwide doing Ashtanga workshops.

Michael Gannon . Michael is a wonderful teacher- I attended a workshop he ran two years ago and in 3 days learned more than I had in months. I did a teacher training course with him for a month in Mexico in 2011. He runs workshops worldwide and his teaching is so much fun!

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga teachers

Hayley North- an amazing teacher whose classes really changed my approach to the practice. Possibly the most beautiful Yoga classes I have ever attended. Very simply taught, but  a strong and profound practice

Marc Woolford- a very original teacher

Yoga in India

See for details of studying Yoga here, intensively for a month. Meet some inspirational Yogis who practice what they preach.

This is a fun and affordable place to do some Ashtanga  in Mysore if the AYRI is beyond your means…

This is my own blog from my travels in India-

BWY Teacher Training

Dave Charlton is a wonderful Yoga teacher who I did my teacher training with. Highly recommended!!! This is Vini Yoga.

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