A little Light Entertainment

A Poem Inspired by Gilbert and Sullivan I am the very model of a modern Yoga therapist, A Yoga Sutra Mantra chanting Urban Liberationist, An Osho shaking meditating integrated activist, I wander through the forests smoking Shiva pipes with cannabis.. I love to self deny I’ve done the Raw Juice and the Master Cleanse, Kriya […]

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Yoga in the Gym

I have been teaching Yoga for 7 years now. And I mainly teach Yoga in gyms. This is by no means a popular choice with Yoga teachers- not at all. There is a feeling that gyms somehow desanctify the tradition of Yoga. That Yoga is a sacred and precious phenomenon which must be penned within […]

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Russell Brand Yoga Revolution

Russell Brand and The Yoga Revolution

Like pretty much everyone else in the country I watched the Russell Brand interview last year. Enjoyed the mixed reviews he got. That is, on the one hand he is an idealistic fool who has his head in the clouds, high on his own adulation (now he’s given up the drugs) and too much of […]

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Ashtanga Yoga in Crete

Yoga holidays. To be honest they are not something I usually do. As if I go away to do Yoga its generally fairly intense and not really a holiday. Like a good month of practice at least, and last time I was in Mysore I was lucky enough to be able to stay for four […]

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ballooon girl

The Yoga of Letting Go and Love

Letting Go. The art of letting go, the art of surrender. Humility. These are words and phrases that get bandied around so much in the Yoga world. The workaholic in me always suspected that ‘undoing’ was a cop-out. Paying people to tell you that all you need to do is nothing and the truth is […]

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Ashtanga Yoga for Health

The Musical Practice of Ashtanga Yoga

“I tried to learn the piano once but I didn’t immediately sound like Mozart. So obviously I had to stop.” “Then I picked up a guitar but when I tried to play it I didn’t immediately sound like Hendrix. So after 3 minutes I concluded I was crap at music.”  “Then I decided to go […]

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