Pattabhi and Sharath

What is so different about Ashtanga Yoga?

Ashtanga Yoga can be a controversial subject. Controversial because if you are a student of this practice and mention to another practitioner of another type of Yoga more often than not you then have to listen to them telling you about why they don’t do Ashtanga. “Oh its so competitive”. “To me that’s not Yoga”. […]

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The Yoga Paradox

I like to go running some days, in the woods near where I live. Just being outside, hearing the wind kiss the trees and feeling the soft rain in the air can bring clarity when all the books in the world won’t help. Saying that, (!)I was reflecting on a text I have read recently […]

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Yoga and the Rage

I wonder if when Dylan Thomas penned ‘Rage against the Dying of the Light’ he was talking about ego? That in us which supports our passion, that which gives us vision and inspires us, that which can destroy us too… If our souls are to soar we nourish that through our actions, our practice, our […]

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Yoga, The Darkness and the Light.

Last week I was on the bus on the way home from work. It was late and dark, a typical February 9pm in the North of England. I was cold and tired from working a long day. When I was about halfway home this man got on the bus. Not anyone I had ever met […]

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Vipassana Part Two- The Karmic Carwash

It is so funny that I had a fear of boredom. Sitting for ten hours a day was, I thought, my idea of Hell. However, when you are in a silent environment, a conducive and calm environment, you begin to realize that there is so much inside you you need never watch TV again. The […]

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Vipassana Part Three- coming through….

Sitting upright for hours and hours is quite difficult, which is why in the system of Yoga, asana practice is purely to prepare your body for meditation, which we often lose sight of. Our minds and bodies don’t always take kindly to being stilled and whilst the physical practice can feel awesome, and there are […]

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The Most Important New Years Resolution

Nearly a year ago I wrote about detoxification and now that New Year is upon us again I can’t help but return to this… 2010 has been an interesting year, an intense year, a year of study, more travel than I ever thought I’d do, having dreams come true, and then realizing I couldn’t support […]

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