Private Yoga Classes in Sheffield

IMG_6152As a fully qualified personal trainer (REPS accredited) as well as a Yoga teacher I am passionate about exercise. I do not view the practice of Yoga as a ‘workout’. Rather, I feel that understanding how the body works, treating it well, a good diet and quality exercise will set you up for a far better Yoga practice. I especially enjoy helping athletes and weightlifters improve their flexibility as better flexibility means better strength.

If you are working on your practice and need some individual attention, you will be considering private yoga tuition to fine tune your yoga. You will want to improve your physical Yoga practice, however, I can also teach you breathing and meditation techniques that will help you to make positive changes and see things very differently.

My exercise ethos is based around functional compound training- that is working the body in the way it is designed to be used, rather than endlessly concentrating on specific areas and doing things that are potentially injurious. I am also a big fan of interval training. As someone who has struggled to find my happy weight I know how frustrating it is to be given exercises you don’t enjoy and handed a diet plan that doesn’t appeal to you and leaves you hungry and full of cravings. Inevitably you fall off the wagon and end up in a negative cycle.

If you are struggling with your weight, are fighting food cravings, don’t like what you see in the mirror and want to make changes I can

  • Teach you how to use exercise to whip up your metabolism so you burn off more even when you are resting
  • I can share with you how your body processes what you eat and how you can really detox, without having to fast, but tips you can use on a day-to-day basis with my fun food chat 🙂 Eating should be a pleasure, life is too short to feel deprived
  • I can help you to build up core strength quickly, walk taller, and look leaner and more elegant with my own Yoga and Pilates fusion approach to personal training
  • I can share with you the tips that have worked for me to break out of the negative mindset when it comes to food and body image
  • I will devise your own programme- just for you- tell me what you want to achieve and what you enjoy and we’ll work together to get results fast
  • Work hard for long term results- I can show you exactly why you don’t have to spend hours in the gym. In fact you needn’t go to the gym at all if you don’t want to. I will show you how 20 minutes of effective exercise works better than 2 hours walking on a treadmill

If you are serious about making changes to your lifestyle, have a fitter healthier body and are willing to start now give me a call on 07952714552 or email