About Victoria and Yoga

Victoria Nauen (MA Hons, BWY and Yoga Alliance diploma) first practiced Yoga whilst still at school in 1991 and between then and 2004 sporadically practiced Hatha Yoga. In 2005 she took her first Ashtanga Yoga class and since then this has been her main focus. She has studied with Dave Charlton in the Desikachar Vini Yoga tradition and is fully accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga. She has travelled out to India several times where she has been accredited by the Yoga Alliance with Sthalam 8 in Mysore, where she completed an Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher training course with Ajay Kumar as well as going to Mexico to do a teacher training course with Michael Gannon- also in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. She is a qualified personal trainer with the Register of Exercise Professionals and has taught Yoga internationally in gyms, private centres, festivals and even on a cruise ship.

‘I am passionate about the Ashtanga practice as a means of effecting genuine transformation on all levels and maintain a dedicated practice. I am deeply interested in the history and teachings of Yoga from the Tantric roots of the tradition. I feel strongly that Yoga is for everyone and that since the original teachings of Yoga were penned way back in the mists of time in India, times may have changed and society has changed, but people have not- we still struggle with the same things we always have, and so Yoga for me, is a living and above all relevant tradition, and I try and bring this across in my teaching, to make it enjoyable and accessible, and to help people to build the foundations for their own self practice.

Always continuing to study and to learn, my mission is to bring Yoga practice to the everyday, to help people incorporate it into their lives and to feel happier and healthier. To understand that Yoga is not all about denial and being bendy, but quite simply, it can help you to lead the best life you can, to be happy with what you have, and be who you were meant to be. And if that means you end up a genuinely nicer person then thats all that matters. Self awareness is key, to break old patterns and let go of fear. To be able to smile on your deathbed…

Yoga for me is a transformative practice which has brought me many benefits and I have been privileged to study with some great teachers. Yoga is for everyone- just take it at your own speed. I welcome people at all levels in my classes and so if you would like to learn this beautiful discipline in a supportive environment then do come along.’