Michael Gannon Yoga Workshop in Sheffield 2014

michaelgannon I am so happy that Michael Gannon was able to come to Sheffield again in 2013- with a new workshop. All you Northern Ashtangis should diarize this workshop as a must-do in 2014 when he will be returning. Michael is one of the most talented teachers I’ve ever met. The first time I met him my practice deepened more in just 2 days than it had in the entire previous year. He has an amazing way of making the practice accessible. He is also lots of fun and there is always plenty of laughter as he teaches us to fly.

I was lucky enough to spend a month doing a teacher training course with him in Mexico two years ago where I really learned so much of the true magic of Ashtanga. The transformative elements of the practice that go way beyond anything physical. Michael’s discipline and passion for the practice inspired me greatly and continues to inspire me in my own practice every day. He has also recently opened his own Yoga school in Playa Del Carmen in Mexico where he runs regular retreats and training courses, speaking from experience it is a beautiful place whether you travel alone or take the family- plenty to do and lots of sunshine..

Michael was accredited to teach by Pattabhi Jois and has maintained a dedicated practice for many years. He has also created some awesome DVDs (available online) on the Ashtanga practice and backbending. His teaching is creative, inspired and not to be missed. If you are passionate about your practice this is going to be an amazing investment as the effects of the work will stay with you and keep inspiring you on.

The entire workshop was at the Buddhist Centre in Walkley, Sheffield from the evening of the 18th of October until lunchtime of the 20th of October.

The weekend kicked off with a session of ‘Ashtanga for Meditation’, a gentle practice with meditation. The meditation was deep and beautiful. On the Saturday we did a lot of practice. The Sunday morning we had a full Vinyasa practice- this is the traditional Ashtanga practice as it was originally taught- so we we tied up all the work of Saturday with a chance to have a good long practice, to go deeper and further with it.

He taught ‘Killer Arm Balances’ in which we looked at the essence of how to balance- this is so important when learning to handstand and journeying towards a light and floating Vinyasa. And also worked at  ‘Opening Your Lotus’, a workshop devised by Michael to be a complementary practice to the Ashtanga Series as so much of the Primary Series focusses on hip opening that this is very useful to most of us. This workshop was all levels, as for beginners he shared how to approach the practice intelligently. For those with an established practice they were able to take it even further. All that was required was passion for this beautiful tradition.

We will be doing it all again next year- so…